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Development Project – M.2 Ethernet Card for Intel NUC

Anyone familiar with Intel’s 4th generation NUC will probably be aware that if you needed the product to connect to multiple networks via Ethernet then you needed a mini-PCIe adapter.  This is something G2 has provided to our NUC customers for some time, meeting a pretty commonplace requirement.

All change for 5th & 6th generation NUC

Unfortunately, the ability to add a second Ethernet port to the latest NUC is more problematic, causing issues for those who need to bridge connections to multiple networks. As Intel has phased out the Mini PCIe interfaces on their motherboards in favour of M.2 slots to enable increasingly smaller package footprints, there is no longer a compatible Ethernet adapter. Until now….

At last an M.2 Ethernet adapter for the latest NUC!

To meet this need we’re currently developing an M.2 Ethernet card for the 6th generation Intel NUC.  Here’s what it promises:

  • Two Intel i210 Ethernet ports
  • Interface with the smallest 2230 M.2 Interface
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports from one PCB – your NUC can be now configured with three Ethernet Ports instead of one
  • Utilises superior PCI express BUS interface and NOT USB adaption

It’s an exciting development and one we believe satisfies a real market need, whilst opening up new options for where and how the latest NUC technology can be used.

G2 has a strong track record of innovation around the Intel NUC platform.  In 2014, we were the first company in the world to rack-mount the very first generation of NUC, breaking new ground by enabling up to three NUC to coexist in the same 1U of space and meeting a genuine customer need.

We will be taking orders on the M.2 Ethernet Card shortly, but in the meantime if you’d like to know more contact one of the team.