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Pre-order the Intel 4th Generation NUC PC

Intel have announced that from the 1st Week in November the new Intel 4th Generation Haswell NUC systems will be available for pre-order. The new models available are the D54250WYK and D34010WYK, where the K at the end of the product code signifies a Kit or fully packaged product .

For manufacturers or system builders Intel have also released the board only versions D54250WYB and D34010WYB. They are bare bone boards only that can be integrated into a compatible mini PC case but you would need to buy the mSATA SSD drive, RAM and power supply yourself. More information about the new NUC format can be found on our other blog post.

What is new on the 4th Generation NUC?

The latest Intel NUC motherboard now uses the latest Haswell mobile CPUs and Intel’s HD5000 graphics on the high spec i5 CPU model. As with all new processors there is both a performance and efficiency improvement over the previous generation and on board graphics performance is vastly improved with support for Intel Quick Sync Video.

High speed data transfer features heavily at the heart of the new NUC because it now has four USB 3.0 ports. With two ports on the front and two on the Rear, plus two more USB 2 ports on an internal header.

However, we think the integrated SATA port is by far the most interesting new feature. One of the limitations of the NUC so far has been that you can only fit one mSATA SSD drive. Now with a SATA port on board, using an appropriate mini PC case, users can integrated a larger hard drive to create a true Media Centre PC.