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ISO 9001: An invaluable achievement for G2 Digital

We are thrilled to announce that we have now officially achieved the ISO9001:2008 standard and are Quality Assurance approved.

This Certification recognises that we have demonstrated our products and services are consistently meeting both our customers’ and statutory and regulatory requirements.

Gaining ISO 9001 means that the Quality Management System we have in place enables us to continually monitor and manage the quality of our products across all of our processes. ISO 9001 confirms that there is rigorous testing on quality, and that Remedial Materials Advice (RMA) is given for any faulty returns that we do receive in order to eradicate any potential faults in the future.

We believe the achievement will allow us to also become an even more customer-focused organisation. Through our new quality management capabilities we will be able to sustain better customer satisfaction and service by providing for our customers’ needs and expectations through the very highest quality possible.

The process is one of continual improvement, our approaches becoming more effective and our number of errors being reduced to pave the way for a better performance. This is then tracked by ISO 9001’s managers to make sure that we are keeping on top of our quality care and are always using best practice methodology in order to constantly improve.

The Certificate is audited annually and is renewed every three years so that you, the customer, can be certain that our quality is always at the forefront of our business.  Contact us to learn more about our ISO 9001 certification.