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It’s here! The 2U Nano is now available to order

Following the success of the 2U Rack PC we are delighted to announce our latest short-depth rack PC release – the 2U Nano.

The arrival of the 2U Nano is in response to increasing customer demand for an ultra-quiet short depth rack PC that can be deployed in niche installations such as control rooms or recording studios. The 2U Nano therefore focuses on bringing the feature-rich identity of our traditional 2U rack PC in an impressive 370mm case capable of fitting a 400mm comms cabinet, typically available in these scenarios. Like the 2U Rack PC, the 2U Nano is built around an intelligent design and offers strong performance characteristics:

  • Near silent operation
  • ATX Motherboard support for 4-10 Intel Core CPUs
  • Two front panel high speed USB 3.0 ports
  • Up to Four PCIe x16 slots
  • Two 3.5” Hot Swappable HDDs

With the deployment scenarios in mind, the 2U Nano also runs ultra-quiet due its muted power supply and passive fanless CPU cooler. We believe this will be welcomed by those looking to run a high performance rack PC in sound-sensitive environments like audio-visual production.

For more information on our 2U Nano NUC click here, or find out more about our wider range of Rack PCs.  Alternatively, get in touch to speak with one of the team.