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The joy of hot swapping brought to our short depth 1U PC

We’re pleased to announce that our 1U short depth rack PC is now available with hot swappable, removable hard drive bays.  This new option comes at only a small premium and enables two hard drive bays to be accessible from the front of the unit without the need to remove it from the rack.  Tool-less entry also means less fuss during replacement, which can be achieved in minutes as a result.

The option is in response to customer deployment of the unit as host for ever more critical applications and workloads.  Configuring the unit with RAID means drives can be replaced without powering down and interrupting services, which makes it perfect for applications like CCTV recording where it is essential the machine remains in operation.

Hot swappable drives are now shipping with our 1U PC.  If you’re interested in this option, take a closer look at the product line-up or contact us for more information.