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Customer-driven upgrades shape new 2U rack mount PC

We’ll shortly be launching our new 2U rack mount PC so wanted to give you a sneak preview into what’s coming and what’s new.  We’re really excited about it as it incorporates a number of customer-driven upgrades which help make it more versatile, whilst new innovations deliver even greater levels of performance.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Greater capacity – we’re now using 2.5” drives so have been able to accommodate up to 12 HDD’s
  • Solid State – the 12 bays can also accommodate solid state disk which means better performance from on-board storage
  • Hot swappable drives – all of the drives are accessible from the front of the unit so maintenance can be performed or parts replaced without the need to power down the machine
  • USB 3.0 – the new appliance incorporates super-fast USB 3.0 connection ports on the front of the unit
  • Enhanced accessibility – the current 2U PC is directly mounted into the rack, now with our new sliding rail kit, it will be possible to slide the new 2U PC in and out of the rack to perform maintenance without having to remove it completely
  • Support for Broadwell processors – the new 2U PC has been built with the latest Intel processor family in mind and will accommodate the latest chipset upon release
  • Full height and length expansion cards – support for up to three PCI Bus express full height and length expansion cards comes as standard offering greater expansion options
  • More Power – a new 600W power supply is more powerful than the previous model making it ready for more demanding processors, graphics card and workloads
  • Quiet running – incorporation of our new active fan controller means it is significantly quieter thanks to noise dampening technology

The 2U product is just round the corner and will be launched imminently.  If you’re interested to know more then get in touch – we’ll be happy to share further insight.  Otherwise, keep an eye out on the site for the launch.