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Windows 10 anniversary just round the corner and Windows 7 end of sale hot on its heels!

With Windows 10 first year anniversary just round the corner (an anniversary update is expected sometime in July), it’s likely to prompt people to start looking more closely at the operating systems (OS) they have deployed and any application dependencies tied to them.  In particular, it brings into focus what’s ahead for Windows 7.  The End of Sales for PCs pre-installed with Windows 7 Professional is actually October 2016!  In our opinion, it’s not been as well publicised as it otherwise might have been because of all the hype surrounding Windows 10.  However, before, you come out in a cold sweat, this doesn’t mean the end of support – Microsoft will continue to patch and update the OS until January 2020.  What it does mean though is that if you want to buy new PCs pre-installed with the OS you’re not going to be able to through conventional routes.


You work with a partner like G2 who operates under an embedded licensing agreement.  This means we can continue to sell Rack and Mini PC systems pre-installed with the OS (and in fact even older OS like XP) beyond the end of sale date.

For us it’s critical as in our experience there are still many organisations that rely on Windows 7 for critical applications – having proved itself as a robust and reliable OS.  In fact, 52% of all machines globally run Windows 7 proving exactly that, and it wasn’t that long ago people panicked about getting off of XP.

Rest assured

Using our industrialised motherboards we will be able to build and support Windows 7 PCs for a LONG time to come.

If you’re interested in understanding more about our Rack and Mini PCs and the supply of Windows 7 pre-installed machines then get in touch.  Alternatively, explore our products to find something suitable for your needs.